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5 AC Sounds That Are Never Good

Air conditioners can make noises just like any other machine. For instance, the sound of air whooshing through your vents to reach the rooms of your home is pretty normal. Honestly, we’d be concerned if your air conditioner didn’t make this kind of noise. But there are sounds that an AC shouldn’t make, and these can often be clues toward a larger problem that needs to be taken care of.

AC repair in Kennewick, WA can be tough from a homeowner’s perspective. You want to notice any problems, but you don’t have an HVAC technician license, so how are you supposed to detect issues so you can call for help?

Noises are some of the easiest and most obvious ways that even someone paying little attention to their air conditioner could detect. We’re going to cover 5 basic noises that can be bad for your AC in a major way.

1. Bubbling or Hissing

Bubbling or hissing noises are two sides of the same coin. These are almost always the result of a refrigerant leak, which is a pretty devastating problem that your air conditioner could have.

Bubbling is usually the sound of oxygen bubbles infiltrating the liquid refrigerant line, while hissing is the sound of gaseous refrigerant escaping the line. Either way, these sounds should be a big red flag that you need professional repairs.

2. Grinding

Any grinding should be an immediate red flag, and that’s not just for air conditioners! Grinding, unless the appliance is literally a grinder, is usually the sound of metal hitting metal. This is an uncomfortable and loud sound, and it can be something that is hard to miss.

If you detect a grinding noise, quickly turn off your AC and call for repairs.

3. Shaking

If your air conditioner sounds like it’s shaking, it could be due to loose bolts and an improperly set up cage for the blower fan. Fan blades might be smacking against the housing, causing it to shake or vibrate rapidly. This is a breakdown waiting to happen, so we urge our customers to call for help when this noise comes up.

4. Buzzing

Buzzing is usually the sound of an electrical failure. There are plenty of electrical components located within your air conditioner and those can make buzzing or snapping noises when they run into problems.

Another sound you should be on the lookout for that could signal electrical problems, is rapid clicking. Your air conditioner will click when it turns on or off, but more clicking (or rapid clicking) could signal an issue with the capacitor.

5. Rattling

Rattling is a simple sound to hear, but it’s never a good one. If your air conditioner is rattling, chances are there’s a loose part somewhere in there that isn’t properly bolted down. This might not sound like a big deal, but it can quickly compound into a serious problem when that loose component bumps into a large or expensive component that then breaks down.

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