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How High-Efficiency Furnaces Work

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Whether you’re a new homeowner or someone who has raised their whole family in the same place over the years, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about your furnace. An HVAC technician might have told you that it has a “high efficiency,” or someone might have said it’s a “good model,” but what does this mean? How does the efficiency of your furnace impact you or how the system works overall?

If you’re curious, we’re going to break down the efficiency of a furnace and how high-efficiency systems operate differently from older models that don’t work as tightly. If you’re the proud owner of a high-efficiency furnace, then perhaps this blog post will enlighten you to the approximate amount of gas and money you’re saving on a regular basis.

And, if by chance you’re the owner of an older, less efficient furnace, then maybe this can be your wakeup call to schedule a furnace installation in Kennewick, WA.

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