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Your Thermostat Might Need an Upgrade

Thermostats are the familiar devices we use on a regular basis to keep our heating or cooling systems working as intended. Based on sheer weight and energy usage, they seem to be a much more minor part of our HVAC system when compared to the heating or cooling unit that really matters, right?

Well, not exactly. While these components might be small, they sure are mighty! This blog post is going to examine a few new ways to look at your thermostat in Kennewick, WA, and why an upgrade might be an important next step. Thermostats are like the brains of your HVAC system, making complex decisions and calculating your energy or fuel usage while keeping your home comfortable at the same time.

The more you can ease the burden on this system, the more likely you’ll be to save money in the future. Just make sure you call our team for any necessary thermostat upgrades, adjustments, or repairs you might need before something gets broken or shut down accidentally.

Get Rid of the Old Analog System

First, let’s talk about an objective standpoint–old analog and mercury-based thermostats should be replaced no matter what. These can be problems in more ways than one.

Old analog and even digital thermostats might still work, but they lack all of the modern techniques and computers that come with new thermostats. Also, even though your digital thermostat might “look” new, it’s likely 15+ years old and will start running into problems.

Similarly, a thermostat using mercury is a disaster waiting to happen. Mercury is not only toxic for you and your family, but it’s not as accurate at measuring temperature as more modern systems. An upgrade is a good idea in almost every case mentioned here.

Smart and Learning Technology

Smart thermostats are called “smart” for a reason. They learn about your comfort preferences, finding out when you leave the house for work and when you get home. They can even start to tell when you go to bed and wake up, eventually allowing them to curb the power of your HVAC system to work more efficiently while not making a dent in your comfort preferences.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wouldn’t it be great to control your thermostat from your phone? Or how about being able to change your home temperature while you’re on vacation? That’s completely possible with a thermostat that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network.

A High-Tech Complete System

It’s impossible to look at an HVAC system without including the thermostat. You might have one of the most high-tech heat pumps currently available on the market, but with an old and outdated thermostat, it’s never going to reach its full potential. Likewise, a furnace that’s 5-years old can reach new efficiency heights if it’s matched with a brand-new, state-of-the-art thermostat.

It’s important to look at your system as a whole, with all the parts included, before you make any judgments. If your thermostat is the odd one out, then it might be time to upgrade!

Your comfort is our business. Schedule a thermostat upgrade with Americool Heating & Air Conditioning.

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