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5 Levels of Indoor Air Quality

Your air quality is important, and it’s up to you and a trained professional to figure out ways to make it clean and breathable. If you’ve ever heard the term “stuffy,” then you’re probably aware of what stale indoor air feels like. It could be contaminated with dust, pet dander, or even mold, and our noses are sensitive enough to pick up on that. However, treating the problem can be complex without a high-tech system that’s designed for this work.

Our team works with brand-name indoor air quality devices that are proven to work. From UV air purifiers that treat biological contaminants in your air, to air filters that can weed out allergens and dust, we have a serious track record for improving the air quality of a home.

Start by reading this blog and learning about the 5 levels of indoor air quality. Then, once you’ve pinpointed that there’s a problem, give our team a call for indoor air quality services in Kennewick, WA.

Level 1: Dust and Pet Dander

Let’s start with the easiest contaminant to identify in most homes–dust. Dust can usually be particles of your skin or soft blankets and pillows that have shed and are light enough to float in the air. They’re harmless to your personal health, but dust particles can really agitate your nose and make your air feel stale and uncomfortable.

Some people are also allergic to dust particles, so this can create an extra need for something to treat the problem. An air filtration system like the ones we install can easily handle your dust and pet dander problem for good.

Level 2: Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are things that might be harmful for your personal health while they exist in your air. This category can include things like paint fumes and cooking smoke. They can easily be found in most homes but usually in small amounts.

If your home tends to have a workshop or a kitchen that’s in constant use, an air filter can help treat the VOCs that are infiltrating your air.

Level 3: Foul Odors

Did you know that foul odors are actually our noses picking up on small traces of contaminating particles in our indoor air? It’s true!

Foul odors usually signify that you’ve got another problem in your home that needs to be treated. You can likely describe the odor to our team and work with us to pinpoint the source. Then, we can both take steps to clean it and install a filter or air purifier to handle it.

Level 4: Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and viruses are tricky contaminants to have in your indoor air because they’re too small to be picked up by most residential air filters. A UV air purifier will do a great job at eliminating these kinds of contaminants while keeping your home safe and your family illness-free.

Level 5: Mold

Mold spores can also spread through your home’s air ducts. UV air purifiers are proven to eliminate mold spores as well, so you can eliminate these contaminants at the same time with the same system! Mold can be risky for your personal health, but also for the structure of your furniture and home itself.

Schedule an indoor air quality appointment with Americool Heating & Air Conditioning today. Your comfort is our business.

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