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Tips for a Super Hot Summer

Sometimes hearing the phrase “hot summer” can conjure images that make us very happy. Whether we’re thinking of spending time at the beach, the pool, or we decide to just leave the windows open and enjoy some fresh air for days on end. A hot summer doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, and we’re sure some customers would agree.

However this summer has been on a whole different level. Constant heatwaves, temperatures surging above 90 degrees on a regular basis, and even humidity levels that are dangerously high. This makes a hot summer go from “fun” to downright exhausting, and we’re here to help.

If you’ve got an air conditioner running on a regular basis, this is your reminder to schedule AC maintenance in Kennewick, WA. But even with maintenance, you’re going to want to read through our tips to be fully prepared for the next heatwave.

Staying Hydrated

We’re probably not the only ones who have told you to remain hydrated this summer. It’s information that’s readily available through PSAs and other announcements, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

Hydration is key for humans to endure hot weather because of our innate ability to sweat. When we sweat, our skin releases moisture that is quickly evaporated. Thanks to the laws of physics, that evaporation actually removes heat from our bodies and keeps us cool.

This process requires plenty of water, so stay hydrated throughout these hot days.

Use Curtains and Shades

The sun can be the biggest generator of heat during the summer–and it’s nearly everywhere. Thankfully, our homes usually provide good shelter from the sun, and we have the tools to handle that.

Use shades, curtains, and other methods for limiting the sunlight in your home. This will help the temperature drop a few degrees while also making it easier on your air conditioner.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great at circulating air throughout a room. Don’t think that these systems are mutually exclusive with your AC, they can work at the same time for a major boost. While your AC creates cool, comfortable air, your ceiling fan will help circulate it so everyone in the room can feel it.

Clothing That’s Thin and Loose

There’s a good reason why summer clothes look and feel different than winter clothes. You might be more of a sweatshirt person, but heavier or thicker clothes will insulate you and stop you from sweating, a natural way of releasing heat. Wear weather-appropriate clothes so you don’t overheat.

Change the Air Filter

Your air conditioner has an air filter component that needs to be changed every 1-3 months. This will get clogged up with dirt and debris, so be sure to change it before it starts inhibiting teh airflow of your system and causing problems through neglect.

Couple Your AC With a Dehumidifier

When temperatures are hot, your AC is going to help a lot. But when humidity levels are high, your system might need an extra helping hand.

First, schedule AC maintenance to ensure it’s working properly. Once you know it is, we might recommend coupling your AC with a dehumidifier so one system can focus on removing moisture from the air while the other lowers the temperature.

It’s time to contact Americool Heating & Air Conditioning. Your comfort is our business!

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