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24/7 Emergency Service

Serving Tri-Cities & Eastern WA

24/7 Emergency Service

Serving Tri-Cities & Eastern WA


Americool Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

Why Choose Us?

What’s the difference between a “good” HVAC provider and a “great” one? Is it the color of their truck as they pull into your driveway? Is it the smile from that one technician that you call to check on your furnace?

Different people have different ways they view a successful encounter with a technician. Friendliness and courteousness is one aspect of service. But hard work and excellent craftsmanship are other unforgettable aspects of calling for repairs or installation.

How do you decide which team is the right team? In other words, what makes our team stand out from all of the other HVAC providers in Kennewick, WA?

Keep reading down below and we’ll get into some of the specifics. We promise that after this blog, you’ll find it very hard to call anyone else when you need fast and reliable help.

A Family Company

We all root for the underdogs when we read stories or watch television. There’s just something amazing about the story of someone who goes from the small-time to the big-time. It’s not uncommon in the business world for a reputable family company to keep their values as they scale up.

We’re happy to be one of those companies that found success without losing the vision of how we got here. What started as a small business out of Lincoln Anderson’s garage on the West Side of Washington quickly became a major HVAC provider in just 17 years! In all of that time, we haven’t left our small, community-driven roots behind.

Our Focus Is on Comfort

We have a mentality on our team that shapes everything we do. Our motto is “Your comfort is our business,” and that’s important because it means that we can focus on keeping you comfortable, not trying to sell you products or get you to sign up for a program you don’t need.

Too many times a technician will show up at your home and push hard to sell you the latest and greatest heat pump or ductless mini split when you just don’t need it. If you’ve been doing just fine with a central air conditioner or a gas furnace, then why fix what isn’t broken?

Our primary goal is to keep you comfortable and happy. If that doesn’t involve selling you a product, then it doesn’t matter. Our job is done!

Emergency Services Available

Over the past few years our customers have told us how important it would be to have a 24/7 emergency service line, and we’ve listened! Now we have someone on-call 24/7, through weekends and holidays to ensure that everyone in our community is taken care of.

If your heater breaks down in the middle of the night, you can call us and we’ll get someone to head to your home and get it fixed in record time.

As we get larger, we’ll only get better at having more staff on hand to help when our customers need it. We want to be reliable, and that means being able to handle anything, even calls in the middle of the night.

For more information on our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Americool Heating & Air Conditioning. Your comfort is our business!

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